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It is important to the success of your portrait that certain styles and colours of clothing be used, while avoiding other styles and colours.

To get the best kids / family portrait you should make sure everyone is wearing coordinating clothes (plain neutral colours are the best, no big logos or distracting pictures), you can choose wear blue, red or white / grey colours - they look the best in pictures.

Young girls - pretty dress with short sleeves or no sleeves at all.

Men - Dark jackets (tuxedo or suit), white or other coordinating colour shirt, tie, and dark pants, jeans.

Ladies - Dress or gown. Lace, satin looks good in pictures. Long sleeves are recommended. Little or no pattern is preferred.  Classic Jewelry such as diamonds, pearls, etc. are encouraged.

Young Boys - Same as men, or a solid dark sweater. If under 4, a white shirt with a bow tie can be appropriate.


Bring few clothes changes so we can choose the best fit.

Make sure all clothes are clean and crease fee.

Get the clothing ready couple days before. Plan the accessories. 

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