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About me

I'm Rasa Mombeini.

Professional portrait and family lifestyle photographer based in Swansea.

I photograph children, families, and women. 

I always aim to create timeless, elegant portraits and to make people look like they are forever in this moment.


I invite you to a photo session where we will create a portrait that will become your family's heirloom.









My family and I had a photoshoot with Rasa for my 40th birthday. I am so thrilled with the photos: beautiful memories to treasure, all presented so perfectly. Rasa really does have a great talent: not only in her exceptional artistic flair, but also in her ability put people at ease (children especially), in order to bring out their unique beauty and make them shine. The thoughtful little details, like the video slide-show she makes for when you come to view the photos, bring a touch of magic to the whole experience. I can't recommend her enough! 


Like a timeless movie. I feel like I need to see these photographs in print...and with gloves on. Pure Art. A painting from years and years ago. Your work is timeless and moving. It is beautifully lit, the tones are just perfect. Your work could be on the walls of the feels timeless and elegant all at once.

Your use of colours within is perfect but more so the way you "see" people. You really see them. And it comes across in the frame. 

You make people look like they are forever in this moment. Beautiful.

Your work feels like it is an heirloom.

It has a feeling like you are capturing their true soul in that frame.

award winning photographer

Thank you Rasa xxx patients of a saint xxx


Rasa tells great stories with her photos.  She knows how to make the person feel comfortable in front of the camera, she listens to them about what they want and she is then able to see in incredible detail and explain how they can pose so that the photos are amazing and just how they wanted.



I'd love to hear from you

email Rasa Mombeini about portrait photo shoot in Swansea


Let's talk

Swansea, U.K.


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